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I’ve been seeing quite a bit of Zeppelin news coming out in recent days so here’s a summary of some of the news items that seem to be getting some attention lately.

Known as one of the holdouts who continued to resist the ways of the digital era, the band has finally said “Uncle” and will be releasing their music for digital distribution. I guess they may have finally realized that their stuff has been downloaded for years via file-sharing networks and figured they may as well be able to sell the downloads to the fans who are willing to cough up a few bucks for their Led Zep downloads, which are supposed to become available starting next month.

Word from the boys in the band with regard to their upcoming U.K. show at the O2 arena should give lucky ticket holders some reason to expect a good show. After a secret trial rehearsal earlier this year, bass player John Paul Jones is reported to have said that the rehearsal sounded as if the group has been playing together every night for the last three weeks. Sounds promising!

Asked recently about a set list for the O2 show, Jones did not give much up, but did say that they will be throwing in some of the bands lesser-known songs along with the hits that everyone is expecting to hear. He also added that they may throw in an acoustic song or two.

There’s been some recent talk that the band, whilst they just happen to be playing together, may come up with some new material. The band seems to be playing it down a bit at this point and making it sounds as if it would not be a big deal if they happen to write some new material, or even come out with a new album. Naturally, any talk of new material is bound to fuel the speculation about a reunion that lasts beyond the final note of the O2 show.

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  1. bobby October 20, 2007 at 6:34 am

    I’ve seen all the great ones over the years, but nobody could touch Led Zeppelin in their prime. Nobody even close. Even the magnificent Who, at their absolute peak, could not compete with a fully focused and firing on all cylinders Led Zeppelin. Remember that without John Bonham it is not really Zeppelin. The second Bonzo died Led Zep ceased to exist. Zep’s magical and unique chemistry was lost with Bonham. That said, they were such a gifted band that even 75% of Zep is enough to draw slightly over a BILLION hits to the ticket site. That’s some massive enduring popularity that would not be possible if their music was anything less than brilliant and revolutionary. RIP Bonzo. Long live the music of the greatest of them all, the mighty Led Zeppelin.

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