Led Zeppelin Not Comfortable With Game Fame

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Unlike Aerosmith, who was recently featured in a version of Guitar Hero, the remaining band members of Led Zeppelin don’t seem to have much interest in allowing their music to  accompany hoards of rock star wannabe’s wielding plastic guitars in front of their television screens.

image So far, Led Zeppelin has resisted overtures from both Activision and MTV who would no doubt like to capitalize on the resurgent popularity of the British super group that recently staged a wildly successful reunion show at London’s O2 arena. Rumors of a full-blown tour or new album have been surfacing with regularity ever since.

According to a Led Zeppelin spokesman, the bands reluctance to involve themselves with the game scene stems not from the issue of money, but from their reluctance to lend out their master tapes that would be required to add the the groups legendary music to the games.

A Guitar Hero game featuring the music of Led Zeppelin would likely be hugely successful and bring in boatloads of cash for both the games creators as well as the members of the band, which seems to lend some credibility to the groups’s claim that it’s not about the money.

Whether they decide to capitulate and play along with the game companies remains to be seen, but I suspect the boys from the band have not heard the last from the likes of Activision and MTV.

Read more on this story at the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. Layla July 7, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    Interesting. I think they should agree to it and give the money to charity. They certainly don’t need the money and I don’t think it “cheapens” their music, everyone knows they are Rock Gods. Plus people use their music to play air guitar all the time, this just adds a bit more to it 🙂

    Laylas last blog post..A Tale of Two Brothers – I don’t and won’t buy it

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