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With all this Led Zeppelin news flowing so freely these days, I’m beginning to think I am going to have to make these “Led Zeppelin Updates” a daily feature here!

Here’s the latest batch:

Led Zeppelin Featured On Cover of Rolling Stone

The cover of the most recent issue of Rolling Stone features the three surviving members of the original Led Zeppelin — some would be quick to say “the only Led Zeppelin,” I suspect.

The cover story from this issue is excerpted on their web site but there’s nothing much new there. Other bits and pieces of the article have been leaked from various sources and reveal a quote from Aerosmith’s Joe Perry who talks about how the Boston band was influenced by Led Zeppelin.

“We learned the arena-rock sound from their records. Jimmy Page was so young when they made their first record, but he’d spent so much time in the studio, he had the whole thing mapped out in his head. He was like Eisenhower looking at Normandy Beach,” Perry said.

Page Spent Years Too Traumatized To Think About Band

According to PR-Inside.com, Zep guitar man Jimmy Page was too traumatized by the death of drummer John Bonham to even think about Led Zeppelin for 15 years, let alone getting together to perform.

Time seems to have diminished Page’s pain. At least enough to be happy about the upcoming reunion show at London’s O2 Arena on December 10.

Led Zeppelin Rumored To Appear At Bonnaroo 2008

Yeah, I was wondering, too. Bonnaroo is an annual music festival that takes place in Manchester, Tennessee. Among the performers at the event on 2007 were The Police and John Paul Jones who was performing with Ben Harper and Ahmir Thompson.

Perhaps Jones so enjoyed the experience he is ready to come back for more next summer?

This rumor was reportedly the result of a leaked e-mail message that claims Zeppelin has confirmed their plans to play at the Volunteer State event but will not be able to officially announce this until after the O2 Show.

Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones Interview For Yahoo! Music

Both Page and Jones have to be quite optimistic about the upcoming O2 show if their enthusiasm for their rehearsals are an indication.

Both seem quite happy to be playing together once again and even a little surprised that they remember how to play all those old songs so well.


  1. Andie Jones December 2, 2007 at 10:54 pm

    well done, well done. bring it on the road, guys! there are a Whole Lotta us here in Dallas that wanna see ya! cheers!

  2. bobby December 4, 2007 at 9:49 pm

    The popularity and interest in Zep is still huge among all age groups. I had speculated in the recent past that they were probably still the most popular rock band in the world, and that was undeniably confirmed with over a BILLION hits on the website for tickets, and over 200 million people actually attempting to register for tickets. The greatest rock band in history is still clearly the most popular band in the world.

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