Lesson For Bon Jovi: Be Careful What You Ask For

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Not long ago, New Jersey rockers Bon Jovi announced that they were in search of fan-filmed video to include in the state-of-the-art video effects used during their live performances.

bon-jovi-band Information was provided on how to submit videos for consideration and the fans have certainly stepped up to the plate and delivered. The problem is that not all the videos are quite what the group had in mind.

As reported by British tabloid Daily Mirror, the group has received more than their share of soft porn videos.

I suppose something like this is to be expected for a group that is fronted by someone like Jon Bon Jovi, who is well known as a magnet for numerous female admirers.

Although the exact nature of the steamy videos was not revealed, I think it is safe to make the assumption that some of Bon Jovi’s female fans seized the opportunity to share a little bit more about themselves with the group than might have been expected.

I suspect there is little that can be done to stop amorous advances under these circumstances, and only the boys in the band know if they actually want them to stop.

In any event, they still appear to be accepting submissions from fans on their dedicated website. Have it it, ladies!

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