Meat Loaf Not Impressed With Contemporary Bands

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Meat Loaf, the former long-haired big guy who brought us the classic album Bat Out of Hell, has been speaking his mind on a variety of subjects lately, and he does not appear to be ready to stop just yet.

With the release of his new album, Hang Cool Teddy Bear just a few days away, he’s voicing his disappointment regarding today’s current crop of bands that he feels are just going through the motions, and not giving as much to their fans as some other artists, including himself.

Thinking back on some Meat Loaf concert footage from the late 70’s when he was touring, it’s hard to argue that the guy wasn’t putting his heart and soul into his sweat-soaked show. To this day, he sounds like a performer that prides himself on making sure that his audience gets their money’s worth.

“You can ask my band – every night they have no f******g clue what I’m about to do and neither do I,” the 62-year-old rock veteran says.

He describes some of the “famous bands” that have opened for him basically as posers, stating that they are too predictable, and too mired down in the same well-rehearsed performance routine. I think it is a sentiment that is shared by a lot of rock fans who continue to shun most contemporary rock groups. Classic rock is still very popular for a reason.

In my own experience, the majority of contemporary rock acts just don’t have a sound that stands out, and they tend to blend into a background of mediocrity. That’s not to say there aren’t any contemporary groups that are making good music. There are, and I’ve mentioned just a small number of them here. There are likely more of them out there whom I have not yet heard of, and would be happy to discover.

Getting back to Mr. Loaf, or perhaps he prefers Mr. Meat – who knows – his recent comments don’t stop at his disappointment with modern groups. He has also criticized American Idol judge Simon Cowell in recent weeks, stating that he’s not qualified to be seated in that position.

“I wanna talk to him really bad and say, ‘You have really good instincts but you’ve never walked a stage in your life’,” he says. Somehow I think Cowell will get the message, and spare Meat Loaf the task of tracking him down. Cowell, certainly not one to pull punches himself, may have a few words to fire back, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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