Meat Loaf’s Bizarre Behavior At London’s Q Awards

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There is still some doubt about what was ailing Meat Loaf recently as he accepted a Q Award for “Classic Song” recently in London. The man made famous by his 1977 album, Bat Out of Hell, remains a rock icon, but has had his problems with health problems in the past.

His appearance at the awards ceremony has created quite a buzz about what may have caused his strange behavior. Along with some difficulty navigating the stars to the stage and bumping his face into the microphone, he was also said to have made some strange comments during his acceptance speech, and seemed a bit annoyed with Al Murray, a Meat Loaf comedian who was selected to present Meat Loaf’s award. Murray made a comment just prior to presenting the award, suggesting that he hoped Queen had been chosen for the award.

Although some of what Meat Loaf said was reported to be inaudible, when asked by Murray if he knew any Queen songs, Meat Loaf launched into a spontaneous performance in which he sang a verse or two from Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls,” and then for some unknown reason, a few lines from the Who classic “My Generation.”

It was not reported whether or not the performance was appreciated by Roger Daltry who was also present at the event and had presented an award earlier.

After this unusual series of events, Murray urged the larger-then-life performer to continue their revelry at a pub, which seemed to find favor with Mr. Loaf, at which point he was then assisted off of the stage and into a waiting car, while uttering denials about being intoxicated, and offering to submit to a blood test to prove it.

Instead of being driven to a local pub, it was reported that Meat Loaf was taken to the hospital for tests, and is reported by his agent to be on the mend. “All the signs are that he will be okay,” his agent was quoted as saying.

Naturally, there was indeed speculation that Meat Loaf may have been hitting the bottle a bit before the ceremony, but his people say it was actually an attack of vertigo that was plaguing him, and was having an adverse effect on his balance as well as his ability to speak.

Meat Loaf is not exactly a stranger to unusual behavior, having walked off the stage during a performance in the U.K. about a year ago, saying that it was probably his last performance ever.

At this point it seems that the future of his career is uncertain once again. Perhaps further and more detailed explanations will be forthcoming from his camp regarding this latest unusual event.

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