Mick Jagger In The Driver’s Seat For Stones

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Perhaps one of the reasons the Rolling Stones have managed to stay together so long is that they support each other so well. Recent comments by Keith Richards give us a little glimpse behind the scenes at the inner workings of the legendary rock and roll powerhouse.

the-stones Richards says that Jagger is usually the one who selects what songs the group will perform on tour and even make adjustments to their instruments and set list to accommodate Jagger. He might, for example, decide not to do a particular song because he is not feeling up to hitting high notes at a particular time.

Even though it might sound a little bit like Jagger is the dictator that rules the band, Richards insists that the other members of the group all cooperate willingly in an effort to make Jagger’s job a bit easier.

Richards goes on to say that a band’s job is to make the frontman feel confident. “One for all and all for one,” he says.

It’s nice to hear that the boys get along so well.

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