More Bad News For Led Zeppelin Reunion Hopefuls

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Robert Plant, whom just about every Zeppelin fan knows, has been touring with Alison Krauss, may be further delayed in the process of putting together a possible Led Zeppelin reunion tour. Plant and Krauss have decided to extend their tour a bit by adding additional dates that run from September 23 to October 5.

While other members of the group seem willing to get to work on a Zep reunion, including would-be drummer Jason Bonham, who sounds as if he’s ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice, Plant has been the one that has been a bit cagey about the whole Led Zeppelin reunion thing since the O2 show last December.Robert Plant

This latest development is not good news for Zeppelin fans who are anxious to see a reunion tour, and can only hope that Plant will have something more definitive to say when he is done touring with Krauss, so that fans can have something to look forward to, or finally have all their hopes dashed by Plant’s refusal to take part.

My guess is that Plant is genuinely struggling with the decision on whether or not to reunite the legendary super group. It is hard to imagine he is willfully toying with millions of fans who are incredibly anxious to see the remaining members of the group tour again — perhaps for one last time.

One can imagine the reasons Robert Plant might struggle with a decision of this magnitude. Singing Zeppelin is not quite the same as singing with Alison Krauss and he may be concerned about the strains of performing the old Zeppelin numbers or perhaps he would just rather have the group remembered as they were when they disbanded following the untimely death of drummer John Bonham.

Hang on Zeppelin fans, with all the pressure Plant must be feeling about reuniting Led Zeppelin, there’s bound to be some real news coming by the end of the year. We can hope so, anyway!

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