New Album From Ray Davies

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As this article points out, how long has it been since the Kinks have been played regularly on classic rock radio, with theRay Davies Other Peoples Lives exception of Lola or You Really Got Me?

I always thought the Kinks were a pretty cool band, and that aforementioned hit, Lola has to be one of their coolest songs.

Kinks fans may be happy to hear that Ray Davies is releasing a brand-new album entitled Other People’s Lives.

Getting this album completed was something of an ordeal for Davies who was working on it in the midst of a divorce and was battling with his former record company.

Worse yet, he ended up fighting for his life due to serious complications that arose as a result of a gunshot wound to his leg which he suffered at the hand of some low-life mugger while he was in New Orleans mixing the album.

I rather hope he enjoys some great success with this new album after all he’s been through to get it out the door.

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