Queen’s Brian May: Just Another Astronomy Geek?

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Obviously not, but that I could not resist. Mr. May, long-known for his very capable guitar playing with Queen, may soon be the proud holder of a PhD in astrophysics. That’s an accomplishment that not a lot of rock stars can boast about.

planets Having abandoned his studies back in the 1970’s in favor of going full time with his mates in the band, May recently dug his old astrophysics notes out of his attic, dusted them off, and spent nine months re-familiarizing himself with the brainy subject.

He now awaits the approval of his thesis before he can be awarded his PhD next year.

In case your interested, May’s thesis is based on the discovery that dust clouds in the solar system are moving in the same direction as the planets.

I think it’s pretty impressive for a 59-year-old guy to return to studies he abandoned some thirty years ago and complete them successfully. As long as the thesis checks out, that is!

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