Real Rock Today: September 10, 2015

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Scorpions’ 50th Anniversary Celebration Just May Go on ‘Forever’

When Scorpions released their 17th studio album, Sting in the Tail, in 2010, the German metal legends said the record would be their final dose of venom, and that after a worldwide tour, the members would go their separate ways. But five years later, they’re still sticking around, with no intentions to retire any time soon.

“We thought it was the right decision at the time,” says vocalist Klaus Meine, who joined Scorpions in 1969, five years after their formation. “We learned sooner rather than later that it’s one thing to say and another thing to do. This is so much our lives and it’s so much in our veins, and the demand from fans and promoters around the world was so strong; it made it very hard for us to leave.”

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Bon Jovi’s China fans livid on a prayer as tour canceled

U.S. rockers Bon Jovi have had their first ever tour of China unexpectedly canceled, the Chinese promoter said on Wednesday, and it was not immediately clear why, though a music video of six years ago shows scenes from the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown.

Promoter AEG said in short statement on its Weibo microblog that the Sept. 14 concert in Shanghai and Sept. 17 concert in Beijing had been canceled “for some reason”.


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Ronnie Wood discusses his legendary music career

Before becoming a Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood had a decade of adventure, carving his early career in different bands – some of which is captured in the teenage diary that’s just been published. Andy Welch joins him on a trip down rock star memory lane.

Discovering your old teenage diary is often a cringe-inducing affair.

When you’re as cool as Ronnie Wood though, that’s not the case – in fact the Rolling Stones guitarist has chosen to share his teenage diary with the world.

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Scorpions’ Klaus Meine on 50 years of rock, international tour

Klaus Meine is one of the most instantly recognizable voices in rock music.

As lead singer for the German hard-rock band the Scorpions, Meine’s powerful tenor has guided the band through countless power-rock ballads — hit songs like “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” “Wind Of Change,” “Still Loving You” and “Big City Nights.”
This year, the Scorpions celebrate their 50th anniversary with a new album, “Return To Forever,” and a commemorative world tour, which includes a stop Sunday night at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford along with Queensryche.

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Life lessons from Motley Crüe

It was still daylight outside the Toyota Center on Saturday when the long lines to get into Motley Crüe’s last Houston concert began to form. Some of the girls wore leather leggings and spiked heels; some wore makeup like Nikki Sixx. Some fans wore the dark concert shirts of past performances: the signature of the loyal fan.

There were all ages, but many of us in line were not so young, and that makes sense because the members of Motley Crüe ever since they met as kids in Hollywood 34 years ago. For rock bands, that is an amazing run.

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‘There was a good relationship’: Ringo Starr claims there was never any animosity between The Beatles and Rolling Stones as he praises Miley Cyrus

It remains one of the biggest music debates of all time – are you a fan of The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

During the 1960s, teens on opposite sides of the Atlantic divided themselves based on which band they supported – sparking an ongoing rivalry between the two rock groups.

But Ringo Starr has denied that The Beatles ever felt any animosity towards the Rolling Stones – claiming they actually had a ‘good relationship’.

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Billboard Cover: Keith Richards Says ‘Nobody Grows Up Until the Day They Croak’

Fortified by a midday cocktail of Campari and soda with a double shot of vodka, Keith Richards dives right into a subject he has personally researched as deeply as anyone: drugs and the near-death experience.

It has been 35 years since Richards kicked the heroin habit that made him the iconic rock’n’roll wastoid of the 1970s — he curtailed his cocaine usage a few years later — but there are certain vices he will not renounce. “Eh, I love my pot,” says the 71-year-old Rolling Stone, seated for lunch one Thursday in the empty back room at Il Cantinori in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. He’s decked out in his customary head scarf, dark jacket and dress shirt unbuttoned to the navel. “Love my weed. Unashamedly a fan. A piece of good hashish now and again. But otherwise …”

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