Real Rock Today: September 9, 2015

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Chickenfoot confirm studio return

Joe Satriani has confirmed that Chickenfoot are working on a new track and says he’s hopeful of more to come.

He previously admitted he’d given up trying to bring frontman Sammy Hagar, bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Chad Smith back together for their first material since 2011’s Chickenfoot III, saying their unwillingness to write together left him bewildered.

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David Gilmour’s Latest Album ‘Rattle That Lock’ Is Nearly Two Decades in the Making

David Gilmour is no stranger to long gaps between albums — both Pink Floyd’s and his own. So having his new Rattle That Lock album (due Sept. 18) and Floyd’s The Endless River come out just over 10 months apart seems like something of a land speed record.

But one did not have a particularly great impact on the other.

“This one [Rattle That Lock] has been going on for a while,” Gilmour tells Billboard. “The Endless River interrupted the making of this album. This album has been slowly snowballing, gathering speed and momentum as it goes along from a very slow, leisurely pace seven, eight years ago to now, when it’s been like an avalanche, really.”

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Jon Bon Jovi recalls the early days and how Livin’ on a Prayer changed everything

Nothing is as easy as it first seems in the world of rock’n’roll. And so it was when Bon Jovi burst onto the global music scene, seemingly fully formed and ready for the fame that would follow.

However, the true story had far more twists and turns, both in the lead-up to the release of the chart-topping Slippery When Wet (1986)  and in the aftermath of the album as the band blazed a trail around the globe, lighting up stadiums as well at MTV with their brand of working-class New Jersey hard rock.

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Review: Familiarty breeds contentment for AC/DC fans at Ford Field

DETROIT — When it comes to rock ‘n’ roll shows, few bands are as dependable — and dependably predictable — as AC/DC.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

When there are lengthy gaps between tours, repetition goes down easier than it does for a group that comes through more often. So on Tuesday night, Sept. 8, at Ford Field — AC/DC’s first metro area visit in more than six years and first stadium show ever in these parts — the Australian quintet’s Rock Or Bust World Tour concert bore plenty of similarities to tours that came before, from the set list to the visual stunts.

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Alice Cooper’s tribute to dead drunk friends

The Hollywood Vampires’ debut album will be a tribute to Alice Cooper’s ‘dead drunk friends’.

The 67-year-old rocker was a founding member of a group of musicians including Harry Nilsson, John Lennon and Keith Moon, who dubbed themselves The Hollywood Vampires and came together at The Rainbow on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip to form a drinking club almost 50 years ago.

And when Alice and his current Hollywood Vampires bandmate Johnny Depp decided to make a covers record, he chose to dedicate it to his pals who have all since passed away.

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AC/DC fires up time-tested rock ritual for packed Ford Field

If you showed up to see AC/DC Tuesday night hoping for a few left-field surprises, you may not have attended too many AC/DC shows.

For a hearty Ford Field crowd of about 43,000, the veteran band presented a set replete with time-tested sights, sounds and all those hits that have never left rock radio — a two-hour celebration of one of hard rock’s towering institutions.

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