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The guy that is often considered the greatest rock drummer of all time, Neil Peart of Rush, has posted a new entry to his website.

I always make it a point to read every word he posts there, not only because I am a Rush fan, but also because he is such an interesting writer and he often writes about things that are totally unrelated to music that I find interesting.

With this most recent update, Peart talks about spending time in his peart-in-snow native Canada during February and how much he loves being there during that time of the year.

He’s obviously someone who loves nature and the outdoors, and since I have an appreciation for those things as well, this latest entry was interesting to me. I’m sure here may be some people out there who find the subject as boring as watching paint dry.

Although I don’t share Peart’s enthusiasm for the winter season, I do sometimes appreciate the beauty of a winter day here in New Hampshire where I live. My problem with winter in this part of the world is that it is just too darn long. I often say that if spring started here around the end of January, I really wouldn’t mind winter all that much and might even come to appreciate it as much as Neil Peart does.

One item leaked out by Peart during this most recent update is a hint that he may be moving back to Canada. It seems he has been living in California for a while now and it appears he may be a little homesick and planning a move back to the Great White North.

Check out Peart’s latest post here.

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