Robert Plant Leaves Door Open For 2014 Led Zeppelin Reunion

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Without actually looking, I can’t imagine how many times I’ve posted Led Zeppelin reunion rumors. I suppose they’ve been coming and going for a number of years and back in 2007 when the remaining members of the group reunited for a one-time show at London’s O2, the rumor mill cranked up to full speed.zeppelin-logo

As these things often do, the rumors died down after a while and it seemed like lead singer Robert Plant was keeping himself quite occupied with activities such as recording albums and touring with bluegrass artist Alison Krauss. Although asked about a Zeppelin reunion a number of times on various television and radio programs, Plant was usually noncommittal and really didn’t leave the impression that a reunion was in the cards.

Rolling Stone is reporting that Plant is starting to sound more like a guy who may be ready to hook up with his old band mates and hit the road again. The Stones are still together (for the most part) and other veteran groups like Aerosmith are still making music so why not Led Zeppelin? According to Plant, you’ll need to ring up Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones for the answer to that question.

The “two Capricorns,” as Plant calls them, are the ones that appear to be in position to make a Led Zeppelin reunion a reality if they so choose. We haven’t heard from them yet regarding this latest development, but Plant says he’s “got nothing to do in 2014,” hinting that he’s willing to entertain the possibility of a reunion. That may be first positive indication we’ve heard from any of those guys so far.

A little over a year ago Page told Rolling Stone that the reason a reunion didn’t happen following the O2 show was that Plant was busy. Well, I guess we’ll see if Page is ready to get onboard now that the shoe is on the other foot.

Led Zeppelin is, of course, a household name. Hailed by many as the greatest rock band in the world, a reunion would be virtually guaranteed to be a success – at least as far as getting bottoms planted in venue seats is concerned. If the O2 show in 2007 was any indication, we know that the boys are capable of putting on a show that was received very enthusiastically by fans. Would the aging rockers hold up for a full-blown tour? I’m guessing they could if they scheduled it properly and didn’t pretend they were still twenty years old. I suspect they’re too smart for that.

We’re surely a ways off from any official announcements of a reunion, but this kind of speculation is so much fun so I may as well indulge myself a bit. I suspect we’ll see the return of Jason Bonham if a Zeppelin reunion takes shape. He’s kept himself busy with Black Country Communion and his own “Led Zeppelin Experience” in recent years, but I suspect he’d jump at the chance to tour with his father’s old band mates. They seemed to mesh will with him back on 2007, so he’d be an obvious choice to occupy the drum throne for a reunion.

Again we wait. Plant his fired a shot across the bow of the H.M.S. Two Capricorns and it shall be interesting to see how they respond.

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