Rolling Stones Credited With Saving Metallica From Break-up

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During the summer of 2005, hard rocking Metallica was on the verge of non-existence. Drummer Lars Ulrich admits that the future of the group appeared to be “pretty bleak,” and there did not seem to be much hope that they would continue as a group. Ulrich was beginning to prepare himself mentally for “something different,” in light of what seemed to be the imminent demise of the group.

A surprise phone call from the Rolling Stones turned the tables dramatically in the group’s favor that year when the legendary rockers asked Metallica to perform with them in San Francisco. Having not been together for a number of months, the group convened and began to rehearse in preparation for their gig with the Stones.Lars Ulrich

The meeting was clearly a major turning point for the group and Ulrich reports that the lack of film crews, producers, psychiatrists, minders and babysitters allowed the members to reconnect in a way that he describes as “effortless.”

He credits the group’s decision to avoid getting into a lot of discussion about how everyone was feeling with setting the tone for the next three years and reviving a group that came to the brink of a break-up.

Metallica is currently on tour in Europe with stops scheduled in the U.K., Belgium, Sweden and The Netherlands.

Perhaps they’ll take a little time out of their schedule to stop by and see Mick and some of the other old boys and say “thanks” for helping them keep the group back together and making music for their fans.

Check out New Zealand’s News 3 for more on the story.

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