Rolling Stones Deny Rumors of Tour This Year

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Rolling Stones fans are likely to be a bit disappointed to hear word from the group’s publicist that the venerable rockers do not have plans for a tour during 2010. Public relations firm Rogers & Cowan have released a statement that reads:

“Following recent UK media speculation, The Rolling Stones would like to make it clear, there are no plans at the moment for the band to tour in 2010.”

Now I suppose we could spend some time dissecting this statement, and making note of the fact that it contains the words “at the moment.” We could speculate about whether this means they don’t have plans, but could be planning to make plans, but it’s probably best just to wait and see what happens. It’s not like we’re suffering through a drought where rock star rumors are concerned.

There are a few good reasons to harbor some doubt about the tour rumors, after all. First, one must consider the source. The rumors of a 2010 Stones tour were reportedly started by guitarist Ron Wood’s former squeeze, Ekaterina Ivanova. Ivanova was said to have leaked the news to friends after hearing it from directly from Wood.

Considering what state of mind Wood could have been in at the time, it’s plausible to consider the possibility that it was just nonsense. Wood’s problems with drugs and alcohol are well documented, and according to Ivanova, Wood’s drinking and drug use continued throughout their stormy relationship. Like so many other A-Listers, Wood may be better off checking himself in for San Diego drug and alcohol treatments. I hear the San Diego area is lovely this time of year in contrast to the barren winter landscape we have here in New England.

On the other hand, we also might wonder about Ivanova’s motives. Having just recently signed on as one of the “housemates” on Britain’s Celebrity Big Brother TV program. She’s already generating the attention she seems to have grown accustomed to – and perhaps enjoys a great deal – by employing a unique and unexpected tactic that seems to have made her the center of attention on the program for the moment.

The weapon of choice? Flatulence. Yes, you read that right. After a fellow contestant lamented his inability to indulge himself quietly due to the fear of embarrassment, Ivanova is reported to have given her fellow contestant a quick lesson, but obviously omitted the finer points of the silent delivery.

It’s not hard to imagine that someone willing to go to such lengths in order to garner attention on television is someone who relishes it. Could the rumor of the Stones tour be another one of Ivanova’s attention-getting schemes? She was quite successful setting the fans talking, the printing presses humming and the electrons flitting about the internet when the rumors surfaced.

If the stories about Ron Wood’s continued and frequent alcohol and drug abuse problems are true, it would introduce doubt about his eligibility to join up with the rest of the group for a world tour. It certainly would not be the first time that a performer was on tour and off the wagon at the same time, but it also raises questions about the tolerance the other band members have for such behavior while touring.

We’re just barely into the new year, so there’s plenty of time left for tour announcements, if they are forthcoming. Even if the Stones do not tour this year, it could leave Ron Wood available to reunite with The Faces. How they would deal with Wood’s alleged lack of sobriety is uncertain.

For a formerly unknown barroom waitress, Ekaterina Ivanova comes out of this deal smelling like a rose. Well, perhaps that’s a bad metaphor for the times, but there’s no denying that she has played her hand (and other regions of her anatomy) well if she set out to make a name for herself for herself as a “celebrity.” The folks at Celebrity Big Brother surely seem to be buying into it.

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