Ronnie Wood’s Wife Leaves Him And Is Bound For The U.S.A.

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Recent reports say that Ronnie Wood’s wife Jo has decided to give up on their marriage, and is planning a move to the United States where she will work at promoting her brother’s art work. Her brother, Paul Karslake, is a creator of pricey artwork that sister Jo hopes she can convince wealthy Americans to purchase.

Ron Wood And Wife Jo Jo’s reunion hopes were apparently dashed when she realized that husband Ron’s fling with Ekaterina Ivanova wasn’t just the brief, alcohol-fueled affair she had assumed it was. Wood was quoted not long ago saying that he loved both Ivanova and his wife, and was having a very difficult time deciding which one he wanted to be with. Apparently, wife Jo is planning to help him with that decision.

As The Sun in the U.K. has stated, "Come on Ron, sort your head out and get back with the missus. The young lass is only after your money."

That’s an argument I find hard to disagree with. For heaven’s sake, Ron Wood isn’t exactly Jon Bon Jovi, who is actually getting a bit advanced in years for someone like Ekaterina Ivanova himself. Young Ekaterina certainly cannot be pursuing Wood for his good looks, although I know some could argue that age is just a number, or that perhaps they have found a true a "soul mate" in each other. Yeah, right.

In this case, I think The Sun is spot on, as they say in the U.K. Ron Wood should return to his wife and patch up a marriage that has lasted longer than most other celebrity unions. Although it may be hard to compete with a sweet young thing like Ekaterina Ivanova, from what I have seen, former model Jo Wood isn’t too tough on the eyes herself.

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