Rush Auctions Memorabilia on eBay For Charity

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Could there be any doubt which member of Rush is behind the the selection of  the beneficiary for a charity eBay auction that will offer up various Rush memorabilia? “Grapes For Humanity” is the charity organization in question, and in light of the fact that the group’s bassist and lead vocalist Geddy Lee is well-known a wine aficionado, and even has is own spacious wine cellar in his home.

Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart may also be among those that enjoy wine, and evidently are fully behind this event, however, as someone whose wine cellar was once featured in a Toronto magazine called City Bites, one has to suspect Lee as the man behind this particular choice.

white-wine “Grapes for Humanity” is described as an “organization that helps to raise funds to benefit humanitarian causes around the world with the assistance of the international wine community.”

Now as someone who cannot drink the stuff (it gives me terrible headaches), I’m not on board with the whole wine thing, but I’m sure that “Grapes For Humanity” is a very worthy cause if the guys from Rush support it. I’ve heard stories from people that have actually worked with Rush that describe them as some of the nicest guys in the business.

For those interested in what little bits of Rush history might be up for grabs on eBay, here’s a sampling:

  • A Geddy Lee Signature Fender Jazz bass AND a rare Garrison G-50E Custom Acoustic guitar used by Alex on the Snakes & Arrows tour. They have both been signed by Geddy and Alex as well as by members of Depeche Mode, TOOL,The Fray, Pearl Jam, Judas Priest and many more in Support of Grapes for Humanity.
  • A Gibson Les Paul Axcess “Custom Shop” guitar which was used by Alex Lifeson in a recent secret session. The guitar will be autographed and will be accompanied by a signed photo of Alex with the Guitar.
  • A Sabian Paragon Diamondback Chinese 20″ Cymbal, from Neil Peart’s personal kit, with Neil’s signature.

If you’d like to toss your hat in the ring, you can visit eBay and enter your bid.

“Grapes For Humanity” cites their main focus as “To provide a better quality of life for victims and survivors of disasters. We help these individuals become self-sufficient citizens to go on to lead fulfilling and productive lives. Funds are raised through various international wine events, wine auctions, corporate and private home wine tastings. Through our partners we direct the proceeds of these events to those in immediate need. Grapes for Humanity is an organization that is run on the strength of its volunteers. We pride ourselves on the fact that all monies raised go directly to our chosen partner.”

In this particular case, the chosen partner is HALO (Hazardous Area Life-Support Organization) for their on-going work with victims of landmines in the African nation of Angola. In addition to the money that will be raised through the auction, that sum will be matched by the Julia Burke Foundation in California.

Source: Rock Star Weekly.

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