Rush Dusting Off Some Older Tunes For Current Tour

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The boys from Rush have decided to freshen up their current tour by including some older songs that they have never performed live. Geddy Lee had a few words with the Boston Herald recently during a sound check at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts where the band will be performing tonight.

Although Geddy was a bit tight-lipped about what older tracks are included in the set for the current tour, he did let it slip that one of the tunes is Circumstances from the Hemispheres album that was released in 1978. A personal favorite of mine.

He also talks a little about their policy of doing a 100% “live” show and not relying on any type of performance from anyone but the band members themselves. Any special effects or recordings that are using during the show are all triggered by someone in the band, whether they have to use a free hand, foot or whatever to get it done.

Geddy also mentions the philosophy behind the latest album, Snakes And Arrows, and how much of it was inspired by some of the experiences had by drummer/lyricist Neil Peart as he traveled around North America and observed various forms of religious beliefs and people’s behavior in association with those beliefs.

I have to confess that I am in the same camp as the guys in Rush when it comes to that stuff and that just adds to my enjoyment when I listen to the new album.

Like many of the other classic rock acts, there are always rumors that this will be the last tour. Geddy won’t commit to that or to touring again some day and says he has given up on predicting what the band’s future holds. Smart move on his part, I think!

I think the crowd at the Tweeter Center will enjoy a hell of a show tonight.

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