Rush Resists Idea of A New Concept Album

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As the members of the Canadian progressive rock trio take a break and enjoy a little time off, they are starting to think about their next new album. Guitarist Alex Lifeson talked to MusicRadar recently and said that the group is looking to the fall as a possible timeframe to start working on their next album.

Lifeson reports that producer Nick Raskulinecz has been trying to convince them to make another concept album, but despite their respect and friendship with Raskulinecz, they are resisting the idea of going down that road again. Raskulinecz, who Lifeson describes as “the ultimate crazy-fan,” is credited with helping the group take their abilities to a new level during the creation of their last album, Snakes & Arrows.

Even though the group may not be on board with the whole concept album thing, they have no plans to stop working with Raskulinecz, and Lifeson reports that he is at the top of the list of potential producers for their next album. “We feel there’s a dialogue there, a relationship we haven’t quite finished. It’s like a conversation you begin and gets cuts off – Rush have more to say with Nick, I think,” he says.

With the idea of a concept album pretty much off the table, Lifeson would not rule out the possibility of a double album, and says that a double album does not have to be a concept album. "The Beatles’ The White Album and Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti were both cited by Lifeson as examples of double albums that were not concept albums. “Length is so subjective,” says Lifeson.

In the end, Lifeson says the group’s only concern is making a great record, whether it’s single, double or whatever. He sums it up by saying, “That’s the only concept we’re after: ‘Is it good?’ If there’s a storyline attached, well, I don’t know…I’m not thinking along those lines. Didn’t we do that already? Rush aren’t into repeating themselves.”

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