Sammy Hagar Not Bothered By McCain Camp’s Use of Van Halen Tune

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Sammy Hagar was the frontman for veteran rockers Van Halen when the group’s 1991 single "Right Now" was hitting the airwaves for the first time. Since then, the song has been used more than a few times during TV commercials and various sporting events.

Most recently, however, the use of the song by Presidential Candidate John McCain during the announcement of his running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Plain is what’s making news.

The reaction from the current Van Halen line-up was not a positive one, although a publicist basically said that the group does not intend to use their celebrity status toSammy Hagar promote either the Republican or Democratic candidate for President.

For his part, former VH member Sammy Hagar seems to have no problem at all with the use of the song by McCain’s organization. Hagar wrote the lyrics to the song, although it was a collaboration between himself and Eddie Van Halen that gave birth to the finished product.

Hagar is quoted as saying, "When I wrote the lyrics to ‘Right Now’ I intended them to inspire people to not sit around and wait for something they believed in but to go out and get it — to make a change however they needed to. Whether it was McCain who used the song or if Obama had chosen to use the song, with the current political climate, the lyrics still have the same meaning, and we all need to do something to make a difference, every action counts."

Considering the fact that Hagar entertained some Republicans at a party associated with the Republican National Convention a few nights ago, I guess it should not come as a surprise that he was fine with the use of "Right Now" during the McCain event.

Hagar is known to be a contributor to both President Bush and Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California. Judging by the reaction of Hagar’s former VH band mates, it may be safe to assume they do not share his enthusiasm for the Republican Party.

Making this story even more interesting is word that the newly-chosen Republican Vice Presidential contender named one of her children in honor of the very group whose feathers seem to be ruffled a bit over the use of their music during her big time political coming out party.

Born in April, Trig Paxson Van Palin is said to have been named in the group’s honor. Now whether the Palin family intended to honor only the group that was known as Van Halen during the Hagar days, or the current line-up is not clear. Perhaps they did not intend to make a distinction at all, in which case, they may be re-thinking that decision right now. (No pun intended).

Perhaps Trig Van Hagar Palin would have been a better choice. Heck, I couldn’t figure out how the "Paxson" came into play anyway.

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