Scorpions Have Rocked The Planet

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Whether you consider their albums sales in excess of 80 million or the impressive number of locations around the world where they have performed as their most impressive accomplishment, the Scorpions are surely a band that has gone global.

When your hear reports of children on the banks of the Amazon River singing one of your songs, I suppose it is safe to assume you have made it, and that satisfaction has not come for these German rockers without logging a lot of miles and playing a lot of shows for their fans across the globe.scorpions-in-russia

In addition to venues you would expect them to appear at in Europe and North America, they can lay claim to having performed at some exotic locations that a lot of other well-known rockers are unable to match. Among them is a show in Shillong, the capital of a state in India that is near the Himalayas, where the townspeople where all given the day off in honor of the event.

They have also performed during a snowstorm in the notoriously frigid Siberia where the temperature hovered around –10 degrees at the time. “With music there are no borders,” says lead singer Klaus Meine.

Although the Scorpions have an impressive list of accomplishments to be proud of, Meine says that he is most proud of the success that their song “Winds of Change” has achieved. The song has come to be viewed as an anthem of peace when the group has performed at various locations in the Middle East.

“People in Beirut told us they had only an hour of electricity a day but listening to our music gave them strength. That’s what music can do,” Meine says.

The Scorpions are scheduled to appear at Wolverhampton Civic Hall in the U.K. on Sunday.

For more, head on over to The Birmingham Mail.

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