Sneak Peek at The Steve Miller Band’s New Stage Design

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Steve Miller is one of those guys you could pass on the street and never know he was a rock icon. Naturally, dedicated fans would be likely to recognize him, but quite frankly, he looks like just another middle-aged guy.

It doesn’t end there. I’ve seen him just a few times in interviews, and he just comes across as a regular guy, and I think that’s pretty cool. I’ve always impressed by genuine humility coming from a celebrity.

Miller is currently on the road  performing many of his classic hits, as well as material from his forthcoming new album, Bingo! In addition to the new material, Miller and Co. are also be showcasing a brand-new stage design. If one were to sum up the new design with one word, I think that “guitars” would be the obvious choice.

The video below provides a look behind the scenes and some insight regarding the concept that inspired the new design, as well as how it was implemented. It’s obvious from Miller’s reaction to his first look at the completed design that he’s quite satisfied with the result.

Steve Miller fans will also be interested to learn that they have a chance to win a Fender Stratocaster autographed by Miller. For details and a chance to win, check out TouchTunes.

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