Twists And Turns In Latest From The Ronnie Wood Saga

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This one is starting to feel a little bit like the Led Zeppelin thing. Will they (tour) or won’t they?

A few days back, one of the U.K. tabloids was reporting that Wood’s wife of 23 years was planning to leave him and move to the U.S. and work on promoting her brother’s art business. Well, perhaps not.

Yesterday, U.K. celebrity gossip magazine Now, reported that despite Ekaterina Ivanova’s claim that Wood plans to move in with her following his release from rehab, and that the two are in love, other sources close to Wood’s family are saying that "Ekaterina is living in a fantasy world. To say she has won Ronnie is ridiculous, particularly as there isn’t a competition. Ronnie is still trying to save his marriage and Jo is desperate to see him nursed back to health."

image Despite previous speculation, including on my part, Ivanova claims it’s not about the money and that she never pursued Wood. She also says there is a very strong connection between them even though others are saying that the 61-year-old rock legend’s fling with the young Russian beauty was the result of a nasty fall off the wagon.

Call me a traditionalist or whatever, but I’m still convinced that attractive young ladies don’t fall in love with 61-year-old rock stars based on genuine "love." I still say it’s about the money, and although I won’t go as far as saying that it is impossible for her to truly be in love with him, I will say that I think it’s extraordinarily unlikely.

As for Wood, the lure of a tryst with a young lady like Ekaterina Ivanova is not hard to imagine, but beyond the physical aspect of a relationship like that, I suspect there’s little else left to build a meaningful and lasting relationship upon.

I know that they say females of our species mature faster than males, but even so, when I was in my early 20’s I really didn’t know where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. I made some very poor decisions along the way, which fortunately left me mentally (some would argue that point) and financially intact. The point being that many people in their early 20’s may be a bit too young to be making decisions about true love and lasting commitments, whereas people in their 60’s should be wise enough to recognize a huge mistake when they see it hurtling towards them.

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