Underwood Is The Real Deal

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Carrie Underwoods Some Hearts AlbumThis is one of those items that strays a ways off the classic rock theme. It does not happen often but from time to time there are things I like to comment on that aren’t strictly within the confines of classic rock news. American Idol’s Carrie Underwood is just such an occassion.

I watched last season’s American Idol with more than the usual interest since rockers Bo Bice and Constantine Maroulis managed to hang on well into the finals and Bice ended up coming in second just behind winner Carrie Underwood.

For quite a time I was undecided between Bice and Underwood myself. Bice is a great stage performer and seemed like he had been at it for a lifetime, and after a while I found myself starting to lean in his direction. That was until I saw Underwood perform Heart’s Alone during the season’s rock themed episode. From then on, I was convinced that she should be the winner.

I have recently heard Underwood’s new CD, entitled Some Hearts, and despite the fact that I have never been much of a country music fan, I have really enjoyed listening to this album. It has a decidedly country feel to it, although it might also be considered “country rock” in my opinion.

This girl is an outstanding singer and I believe she has quite a future ahead of her. I had been reading some of the reviews of the album on Amazon.com and came across one review that summed up my feelings pretty well with the observation that this album does not sound like the work of a new, up-and-coming singing star as much as it does someone who has been in this business for a while and comes off as a polished and professional performer.

My two favorite tracks are smack-dab in the middle of the album: The bluesy-sounding Before He Cheats and the following track, Starts With Goodbye, which begins slowly and builds quickly to showcase Underwood’s soaring, rock-solid vocal abilities.

I guess the closest thing to a country album in my collection would be The Eagles Greatest Hits, and although I don’t anticipate adding many more country albums to it, Carrie Underwood’s Some Hearts will surely be one of them.

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