Van Halen: Likely, Rolling Stones: Maybe

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Speculation regarding a Van Halen tour has been simmering for a while and it looks like we’re starting to hear signals from sources close to the band that tour plans are being made that will take them to venues in North America, Europe and possibly Australia next year.

There were a few rumors about former bassist Michael Anthony re-joining the group, but considering the bad blood between Anthony and Eddie Van Halen, that was one rumor that was hard to believe from the get-go. It has since been confirmed that the line-up will be unchanged and will continue to feature young Wolfgang Van Halen on bass and vocals.

Van Halen is also busy working up material for a new album, but it is starting to look a bit uncertain when it comes to a release date, and there is some concern that it may not happen before the tour begins. David Lee Roth is said to be recording vocals apart from the rest of the group and submitting them to Eddie Van Halen for inclusion in the mix, but the famously picky guitarist (no pun intended!) has not been satisfied with some of Roth’s work. Maybe that says something about the reasoning behind Roth working at a separate location.

Rolling Stone Keith Richards continues to stoke fan hopes of a tour next year, this time telling a German newspaper that the Stones will kick off their tour in June. “We are looking forward to next June – we’ll be going on tour together again,” Richards said according to

Recent comments from Stones spokespeople have denied reports of a 2011 tour and also said that the legendary group currently has no plans to record new material.

Richards has been quoted recently saying that the band is anxious to get back to work, and may even be entertaining plans to play to some smaller and more intimate venues. While it’s abundantly clear that Richards is ready to get back to rocking with the Stones, the other members of the group seem a bit tight-lipped about their feelings on the subject so far.

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  1. cameron December 3, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    Hopefully, if they do put out another album, it’s a million times better than the absolute failure of Van Halen III. It would be nice to see them put out another album…… with Michael Anthony. It would also be nice to see them on tour again…… with Michael Anthony.

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