Van Halen Off The Road Until April 19

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Whatever it is that is ailing Van Halen Guitar God Eddie Van Halen is not being talked about outside the inner circle of VH.

Recent word from ex Van Halen wife Valerie Bertinelli indicates that Eddie is “OK,” whatever that means. I’m sure it might bring a little comfort to some VH fans, but at the same time, makes others wonder if it is the old drinking thing again.image

There’s a lot of speculation that Eddie is off the wagon again and the  group is remaining tight-lipped about the whole affair, which is exactly what you would expect if drinking or drugging is the problem again.

Latest word on the plans for the tour has it being placed on hiatus until April 19 when they are scheduled to Rock Las Vegas. Fans that hold tickets for the postponed shows are encouraged to hang onto them since they will be honored for the new dates.

The new dates for the postponed shows are said to be in the works and will be released as soon as they are confirmed.

Up until recently the Van Halen tour seemed to be going quite well. Venues were sold out and there were a lot of good reviews being penned.

Just before the postponements started there was talk about Eddie’s playing not being up to snuff and possible infighting within the group. Now I guess fans will just have to wait it out and see if the rock legends can rise above it all and get their act back on the road.

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