Van Halen Postponements Spark Barroom Fight Rumor

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Was a barroom dust up the between members of Van Halen over another altercation involving newly-minted VH bassist Wolfgang Van Halen the reason for the recent postponements of two VH shows in Virginia and Georgia?

image That is the rumor that is making the rounds and was reported recently on TicketNews. The fact that young Wolfgang is a wee bit too young to be present in a barroom during “business” hours does cast doubt on this rumor, but since we all know celebrity has its privileges, I would be the last one to say that it is impossible.

A Charlottesville, Virginia bar called Rapture is the setting for the rumored fracas and there are said to be to unsubstantiated reports from that area that place the group inside the bar at some point.

Postponing a show for a reason such as this might be expected to result in a situation that resembles the current one, with no official reason for the postponements provided by the band or their representatives thus far.

I must admit I was expecting this rumor to be centered around a fight between someone in the group and some anonymous bar patron. I was a bit surprised to hear that the alleged fight took place within the group! Quite the juicy rumor, this one.

Perhaps the real reason for these postponements will be made known at some point in the future.

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