Van Halen Tour Canceled?

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There are fresh reports from well-known celeb gossip website TMZ that the current Van Halen tour has just been canceled.

TMZ says their sources are reporting that hotel rooms that were booked for the band are currently being canceled. The tour was planned to continue into April, but these reports are casting doubt on that for now.

TMZ also mentioned reports that Eddie Van Halen has been “out of it” recently and that his guitar playing was “atrocious.”

The fact that the group has postponed some recent tour dates with absolutely no explanation does make a report like this seem more believable and might make one wonder if EVH is battling with his addiction demons once again.

It’s kind of ironic that Van Halen’s ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli has been touting her new tell-all book recently. A book that talks about the couple’s problems with drugs during their 20-year marriage.

TMZ makes reference to the YouTube video below that was recorded at the VH show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on February 20, and it does sound as if things may not be going as well as they should. Judge for yourself while we all await news from the group about what’s really happening with regard to the tour.

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