Who Would Give Away A Free Album? John LeFebvre, That’s Who

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OK, so the name may not mean much to most music fans when they hear it, but this guy has obviously earned the respect of some well-known names in the industry – people who have worked with the likes of Steely Dan, Bob Dylan, The Who, Cream and quite a few others.

I recently received a seven-song CD sampler along with a DVD that features the material from LeFebvre’s first album, entitled Psalngs (pronounced, appropriately enough, “songs”). As some readers may know, I don’t hold back when it John LeFebvre’s Psalngs comes to reviews. I tell it like it is. I’m certainly not being paid to do these reviews, although it certainly is not my intent to offend the people that are nice enough to send me this stuff from time-to-time. I just assume they can appreciate honesty above everything else.

Now, I bet you are ready to see me slam this album and tell you that it sucks. Not quite. The folks that worked on this album are professionals and they can play. Here’s the thing: I’m simply not a folk-rock guy. However, a lot of music fans are, and for those, this album is definitely worth checking out. Especially since you can download the entire thing for free!

I don’t often veer off course from my usual classic rock ramblings, but LeFebvre’s story is an interesting one, and he clearly has a message that he’d like people to hear. And did I mention you can download this album for free?

LeFebvre’s message may be one that resonates strongly during these times of economic turmoil, and what may be building resentment against a political system that never stops promising “change” and never seems able to deliver.

It seems to me there is little doubt that LeFebvre is allowing this album to be downloaded freely due to his motivation to get the message out about issues he feels strongly about. That says a lot for the man, since this 29-song collection probably had a good shot at being a commercial success.

I think John LeFebvre’s message is worth listening to. And if you like the music, that’s a nice bonus. You may not agree with everything he has to say, but it’s food for thought nonetheless – and pretty good folk-rock music, if you are into that sort of thing.

You can download Psalngs by visiting the official album website.

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