Yes Tour Gets Green Light With Replacement Singer

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Memo to all aspiring performers who are showcasing their talent on internet video sites like YouTube: As the Journey song says: "Don’t stop believing."

In yet another found-on-the-internet miracle for a lucky vocalist from Montreal, veteran progressive rock group Yes is hitting the road without Jon Anderson. In his place, vocalist Benoit David will take to the stage with the other members of the group on November 4th when the previously-canceled 40th Anniversary Tour kicks off in Ontario.

In a story that’s vividly reminiscent of how fellow classic rock legends Journey and Boston landed themselves new lead vocalists, Yes bass player Chris Squire found a YouTube video of  David performing with a Yes tribute band he sings with called Close To The Edge.

Squire and his band mates were impressed enough with David’s ability to contact him and offer him an audition, which must have gone pretty well, since he will now join the group as lead vocalist for the tour they have dubbed  the "In the Present" tour.

Not wanting to give the impression that Jon Anderson’s singing days are over, Squire said, "You can’t ever really replace Jon Anderson, because he’s been such a force in the music business. We look upon his replacement as more of an understudy."

Anderson, whose diagnosis of acute respiratory failure took him out of action previous to the tour that was originally scheduled to begin in July, was ordered by doctors to rest up for six months, and his fellow band members are hopeful that he will be well enough to perform with them next year.

There’s no way to predict what will happen to Benoit David when the tour ends, but this opportunity will surely give him some high-profile exposure, and will likely be the thrill of a lifetime for him. Surely something he will never forget.

Don’t give up YouTube performers, your day in the spotlight may be just an e-mail or phone call away.

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