ZZ Top Getting To Work on New Album

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We last saw a new studio album from Texas rockers ZZ Top back in 2003 when they released Mescalero. Late word from Billy Gibbons is that the other two members of his group, bass player Dusty Hill and drummer Frank Beard (I just love the way the only guy in the band without a beard is named Beard!) are in the studio in the Dallas area making preparations for their new album.

zz-top-billy-gibbons Gibbons visited with Billboard recently while hanging out at the South By Southwest Music And Media Conference in Austin, Texas.

Gibbons told Billboard that they hope to have the new album finished before the summer and describes the difference between working on the road and working in the studio. He described recording as “fun,” but there was no word on which activity he or the group prefers.

The group is hoping to hit the road and do some touring early this summer in Europe and perhaps schedule some dates here in the U.S.

Another interesting tidbit of news revealed is that Gibbons taped a guest appearance on the season finale of the Fox series Bones, where he plays someone’s dad. As the Stones famously put it, “What a drag it is growing old.”

Catch the full story over on Billboard.com.

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