Classic Rock Preview For 2010

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I see a lot of stories around this time of year about what was. TV programs featuring the notable events of the previous 12 months are never in short supply after Christmas. Ditto for other media, such as newspapers and radio. It’s also pretty good fodder for bloggers, who have weighed in with their versions of what was important during 2009.

Instead of looking back, I’m going to look forward. Granted, looking back has its benefits, especially when we think about those things we wish we had not done. In those cases, we all hope we have learned from our mistakes.

The new year looks like it will be an interesting one for classic rock fans. A number of our old favorites will be going on tour or releasing a new album. There’s clearly a lot of demand out there for the music of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and fortunately, many of the big names from those decades are still going strong.

Yes resumes their tour next month on the 4th at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH. Still no Jon Anderson, but as long as he stays healthy, there may be a chance we’ll see him fronting the group again some

Although it has not been confirmed, the Rolling Stones are said to be preparing for a world tour sometime this year. We can thank Ron Wood’s ex-girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova for leaking that little gem to her friends.

In April, Bad Company will reunite for a brief tour of the U.K. What’s a little unique about this reunion is that it will be made up of the original members. So many of the classic acts seem to have undergone significant line-up changes over the years, so it’s really kind of nice to see the real deal on stage for this one.

In May, Scorpions hit the road for a world tour of their own. They are also working on a new album, but have not revealed a release date that I am aware of.

The Faces appear set to reunite for a tour sometime this year, although it remains to be seen how many of the original members will be there. Other members of the group seem to have lost their patience waiting for a decision from Rod Stewart about the tour, and have decided to forge ahead without him. Stewart reportedly decided he would rather work on other projects. With Ron Wood presumably set to tour with the Stones, it’s not clear what his status is regarding the reunion.

That enduring trio from the Great White North may soon be dusting themselves off and getting back to work on a new album and tour. No confirmation on any plans yet, but Rush is rumored to be kicking around the idea of linking up and figuring out what kind of project they want to do.

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart are working on a new album that is planned for release this summer. Word is that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Nancy on vocals for this new release.

No dates have been lined up yet, but Randy Bachman and Fred Turner are planning what will probably be the closest thing to a BTO tour we will ever see, although they will probably not be billing themselves as Bachman-Turner Overdrive for legal reasons. Seems Randy’s brother and former BTO drummer Rob, and former BTO guitarist Blair Thornton, have teamed up in an effort to ensure that the name is not used. They claim that Randy Bachman gave up any rights to it when he went solo in 1977. I guess that’s what you call “Takin’ Care of Business.”

With the future of Aerosmith hanging in the balance, it’s hard to predict which direction they will be headed in this year. The continuation of Aerosmith in its current form seems to be in the hands of frontman Steven Tyler, who has reportedly checked himself into rehab recently.

As time carries us further into the new year, we’re very likely to hear from more classic acts who have plans for new material, a tour, or perhaps both. As long as the fans are out there in sufficient numbers, a lot of these enduring groups seem quite happy to forge ahead and continue making music as long as the aging process will permit.

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