Alice Cooper No Fan of Television Talent Shows

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Striking out against programs such as American Idol and X Factor (a U.K.-based talent show), veteran rocker Alice Cooper says that they do not put enough effort into looking for new rock talent and says these programs are seeking out only artists that he refers to as “totally disposable.”

Saying that these types of programs are looking for the types of acts that will wind up in Las Vegas, Cooper also adds that bands from the 1960’s and 1970’s are still getting plenty of radio airtime today, but he does not think that will be the case for the artists that are being discovered on talent shows.

In other news from the Alice Cooper front, he recently revealed that he has always had a desire to play a villain in a James bond movie. Cooper sees himself as a natural choice since he already looks like a “baddie.”

Cooper goes on to say that Bond has never come up against an adversary that could match him and feels that is a role he could step into. “He needs someone the audience believe might actually beat him,” Cooper says.

I think Alice Cooper may have a point here. Lord knows he has enough practice wearing spooky make-up and acting like a villainous weirdo on stage in front of millions of fans. I’d say give the chap a go at it!

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