Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora Arrested

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Perhaps the rough patches in Richie Sambora’s life that were discussed recently are not quite over yet. The Bon Jovi guitarist was arrested Tuesday night in Laguna Beach, CA, on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

As the Laguna Beach police tell the story, Sambora’s black Hummer wasimage seen weaving in traffic. When Sambora was stopped by police, he was subjected to the typical field sobriety tests to determine whether or not he might have had a little too much to drink.

According to police, Sambora was unable to pass the field sobriety tests and was taken into custody and was cooperative with police.

After being booked by police and providing a blood sample, Sambora was released at about 4:00 a.m.

When he was arrested, he was reported to have had three additional people in his vehicle with him. The other passengers were said to have been his girlfriend, his daughter and his daughter’s friend.

Sambora is scheduled to appear in court on May 7 after being charged with one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence.

Richie Sambora checked himself into rehab last summer in an effort to get his life back on track. Apparently, it will be up to a judge on May 7 to decide whether or not he’s been successful.

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