Classic Rock Briefs For Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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Ozzy Says Bats Taste Like McDonald’s Food

Those of us who ever watched the The Osbournes when it was on MTV a while back will know that strange things come out of Ozzy’s mouth from time to time. This time he may have outdone himself.Ozzy Osbourne

Speaking of the infamous incident that took place at one of his concerts back in 1982, where he bit the head off of a live bat, Ozzy says, “It tasted all crunchy and warm… like a Ronald McDonald’s." I’m sure McDonald’s will be pleased to  hear about that comparison. Full Story.

Jack White Says There Is No Zeppelin Without Plant

White Stripes lead singer, Jack White, who is apparently another one whose name has taken a turn or two on the Led Zeppelin rumor mill, denies that he was being considered as a replacement for Robert Plant on a Zeppelin tour.

White’s name, along with Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy have come up since we started hearing rumors that the rest of the Led Zeppelin team are ready to go on tour with or without a reluctant Robert Plant.

White says, “I do not believe you can have a band called Led Zeppelin, singing Zeppelin songs, without Plant.” Full Story.

Rolling Stones Ron Wood Sticking With New Girlfriend

Having been seen recently with his new 20-year-old girlfriend, walking a dog in the vicinity of a London Park, it appears that the 61-year-old guitarist had decided to keep the newer model partner and leave his wife of 23 years. He has reportedly been meeting with divorce lawyers of late.

According to witnesses, Wood “looked more careworn than carefree.” Perhaps that’s because he’s preoccupied with the potential amount of a sizable divorce settlement that may be in his future. Generally speaking, wives don’t care much for husbands leaving them for younger women. Full Story.

Famous Pink Floyd “The Wall” Guitar Up For Auction

Although it’s just a plain-old Fender Stratocaster at heart, the one in question has some impressive history in its background. Designed by UK artist Gerald Scarfe, who worked closely with the band on the album and film of The Wall, the guitar is up for auction, with the proceeds benefitting the a homelessness charity called Crisis.

The guitar’s scratch guard was signed  by all four members of the band only weeks before Richard Wright’s recent passing, and will be accompanied by a Scarfe On The Wall Limited Edition Box Set. Full Story.

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