Guitar Hero Aerosmith Hits Store Shelves

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It’s the first version of the wildly popular rock star wannabe video game that features a single band. “Guitar Hero Aerosmith” has generated a lot of buzz and will likely generate a lot of cash as fans of the game, and perhaps fans of the band, snap up their copies. Guitar Hero games have generated over $1 billion in sales since their introduction.

As for the reasons behind Aerosmith being honored with the first version of the game dedicated to a single group, one the game’s creators put it this way: “They’ve sold over 150 million albums in their career, and they’ve just got a ton of music that works great for Guitar Hero.”

The game covers Aerosmith’s journey beginning with their very first gig at Nipmuc High School all the way to the world-wide recognition that they enjoy today.

The game’s creators actually spent two weeks with the legendary Boston-based group in a motion-capture studio, which means that a lot of the moves seen during the game will be about as close to the real thing as you can get without seeing an actual Aerosmith performance.

The game was released yesterday, two days after Steven Tyler sang its praises (so to speak) at a press conference in New York City.

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