Here We Go Again: Led Zeppelin ‘Confirmed’ For Bonnaroo

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Seems like there are quite a few news outlets claiming to have “insider” information these days regarding Led Zeppelin’s plans for their next gig or world tour. Until I see quotes from the band of their official spokespeople, I think we can all take this with a grain of salt.

This time it’s U.K. tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror that reports news from their “insider” which “confirms” the earlier rumors that Led Zeppelin will perform at Bonnaroo in 2008.bonnaroo

Bonnaroo, for those that do no already know is a music event that takes place in Tennessee during June each year.

According to this report it was Robert Plant who was the hold out up until recently, but has now had a “change of heart” which will allow the group to form up again and head for Bonnaroo next June and perhaps even head out on tour if all goes well.

Until the official word comes from Led Zeppelin about any new plans for shows or tours, we are likely to see these rumors persist as the media outlets scramble to be the first one with the scoop.

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