Latest Led Zeppelin News And Rumors

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If ever there was a topic that promises to keep the classic rock news wire buzzing, it would have to be the status of legendary supergroup Led Zeppelin.

It was reported not long ago by U.K. newspaper The Telegraph that image Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page made some revealing comments following the Foo Fighters show at Wembley Stadium where both Page and Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones joined the group on stage for a crowd-pleasing encore.

According to the Telegraph, Page was reported to have said that Led Zeppelin was ready to reunite for more future shows. He also stated that it may take until the fall of 2009 before it can happen since the members have current projects and commitments to complete.

For his part, Jason Bonham, son of late Zeppelin drummer John "Bonzo" Bonham seems quite anxious to join his dad’s bandmates for more shows. Having filled his dad’s former place behind the drums during the wildly successful O2 show in London last year, he’s obviously ready to re-join them if they happen to ask him.

"My fingers are crossed and I would do it in a heartbeat," he reports.

On the other end of the spectrum, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant seems in no hurry to reassemble under the Zeppelin banner anytime soon.

Currently touring with singer Alison Krauss, Plant says, "I’m in no hurry to go anywhere. I want to stay very close. This is a font of knowledge, and I’m sticking as close to it as I can."

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