Led Zeppelin: “Going to California,” or Perhaps Tennessee?

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Led Zeppelin’s official U.S. representative is denying rumors that have surfaced recently and have claimed that Led Zeppelin will perform at the Bonnarro Music Festival in Tennessee next summer.

According to the Zeppelin camp, nothing has been decided beyond the O2 Show that’s coming up on December 10.

As I’ve said here before, anything official about plans for a tour or U.S. performances next year seem quite likely to follow the O2 show as Zep’s representative says. The group may just want to see how that show comes off before making any decisions about touring, which seems quite reasonable.

New Led Zeppelin Book

For those interested in some of the details of Led Zeppelin’s years of glory, a new book by Stephen Davis serves up a lot of stories about the band’s exploits.

image In Hammer of the Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga, Davis details the story, among others, of how the group first came together as guitarist Jimmy Page sought the members of the band he had begun to envision in 1968.

Davis traveled with Led Zeppelin during the U.S. tour 1975 and provides some interesting insight into the lifestyle of the group whose enthusiasm for excesses of the rock star life were the stuff of legend.

Check out the lengthy article on Rolling Stone for some excerpts from the book.

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