Meat Loaf A Vitamin Junkie

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With the recent release of a movie featuring him and his 2007 tour, we’ve been hearing a bit about Meat Loaf lately, and now his consumption of vitamins and various health remedies is in the news.

meat loaf As part of a carefully-planned regimen that is played out before the singer goes onstage, he takes a number of vitamins and other supplements that he attributes to calming his nerves and improving his performances.

"If you go into my dressing room there’s a little bowl with Ricola cough drops in it and Vocal Zones (lozenges) and the spray is Singer’s Secret," the singer says.

He goes on to say: "There’s vitamins – two kinds of Bs, a C – and then there are energy plus tablets. I know they help me."

I don’t know about calming nerves, but if Meat Loaf, whose real name  is Marvin Lee Aday, says that they help him, who am I to argue?

I do happen to be a believer in vitamins myself, and  I take them every day. I stick to a few basics and don’t like to overdo it, but after some 20 years of taking them regularly I am quite convinced they are beneficial.

Before I began taking vitamins regularly I would get head colds quite often and probably end up with the flu or something similar every year. These days I very rarely get a cold and almost never get the flu.

I know some people don’t believe that vitamins are beneficial at all, and perhaps for some people they aren’t, but I’m quite convinced that they are indeed beneficial for me and will continue to take them.

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