Neil Peart Commemorative Snakes & Arrows Snare Drum

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Since some famous guitars have been talked about here, I think it’s about time that we talk a little bit about drums for a change. They are, after all, what I pay the most attention to when I am listening to something.

This new snare drum comes to us from Drum Workshop, otherwise known as DW. It’s a maple shell in a 6 x 14 inch size with some pretty fancy extras like an Aztec Red finish with hand-painted gold leaf and metallic gray Snakes and Arrows graphics.

It’s a replica of the snare that Peart used during the tour that just wrapped up in Europe a few days ago. The finish is done by the same guy who paints Peart’s drums and the snare also features a head with Neil Peart’s signature.

This sounds like a pretty nice item for the dedicated Neil Peart fanatic, but like most of these special items, it comes with a rather hefty price tag: $899.99 with an option for no payments until 2009.

It is scheduled to show up sometime this month at Guitar Center.

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