New Aerosmith Material May Be Heard First on Guitar Hero

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Aerosmith is currently recording their new album, and in addition to the new material they are working on, they may be working on some new ideas regarding the distribution of that material as well.

Aerosmith Guitarist Joe Perry is saying that the group may decide to release some of the new tracks online before the official release date for the album, so that gamers can play along with them on Guitar Hero.

“We’ll probably release some of the music from our new record as a download so kids can plug it in and play some new tunes on the game,” Perry was quoted as saying.

In other Aerosmith news, a trial date has been set for the legal showdown between angry Aerosmith fans and the Boston-based rockers over a canceled a show in Hawaii back in September.

At the time, Aerosmith said that they were unable to transport their equipment from Chicago to Maui in time for the show, but did show up a few days later to put on a private show for employees of Toyota, who some say the group was paid $1 million for. The canceled show on Maui was never rescheduled.

May 11, 2009 is the date scheduled for the start of the trial. Anyone who purchased a ticket for the canceled show is automatically included in this class action suit unless they take action to exclude themselves. According to lawyers working for the fans, the lawsuit currently includes about 8,700 people, although perhaps not all of them consider themselves Aerosmith fans any longer.

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