No End To Led Zeppelin Confusion In Sight

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Rumors continue to swirl around the possibility of a world tour by Led Zeppelin as new stories surfaced in the media.

According to the the Cleveland Leader, there will be no Led Zeppelin tour this summer. The reports cites a statement from guitarist Jimmy Page regarding Robert Plant’s plans to spend his time on a “parallel project.” Page was likely referring to Plant’s plans to tour with Alison Krauss to support their album Rising Sand.

Another report from CBC, reports that Jimmy Page was hinting at the possibility of more from Zeppelin while attending a promotional event in Tokyo, but also made mention of Robert Plant’s tour plans with Alison Krauss and added that Plant would be busy with that until September.

There’s speculation that the tour could kick off when the Plant-Krauss tour wraps up, but that does not seem to leave a whole lot of time for rehearsals in preparation for an event that might be considered one of rock’s most significant in quite some time.

One also might remember that these are not young guys any longer and it is hard to imagine Plant both touring and making time to rehearse with Led Zeppelin. Maybe he’s got more energy than I give him credit for. Who knows?

Nonetheless, I think it makes more sense to expect them to plan for a tour during the summer of 2009, which will allow a lot more time for planning and rehearsals.

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