Page Makes Led Zep Reunion Tour Rumors Sound More Likely

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The latest word from Jimmy Page will no doubt fuel more speculation regarding more Led Zeppelin reunion shows after the big London show at the O2 on December 10.

Page is now suggesting that it is a “bit silly” to do a single show and not continue with more when there is so much demand for more, and he goes on to suggest that it’s a “bit selfish” for the group to play a single event and call it quits.

Although this is not the first time that talk of a new album has come from a member of the group, Page sounds as if he is willing to work on some material for a new Led Zeppelin album as well.

This stuff sure seems to led more credibility to the recent rumors about the band booking concert arenas here in the U.S. and having various Led Zep products manufactured in Asia.

Some other recent comments by page expand a bit on things he has said earlier about his expectations for the O2 show.

Conceding that the group’s last performances back in 1980’s were less than they could have been, Page says that this time he demanded proper rehearsals and enough time to be well-prepared to deliver a good show for the fans.

I guess now we wait and see what kind of positive or negative comments come forth from the other members of the group regarding the off again/on again Led Zeppelin reunion tour.

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  1. strangebone November 15, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    will they resurect john bonham?
    if not, they’ll be havin’ a hard time convincing me…

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