PETA Takes A Shot At Aerosmith’s Joe Perry

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Joe Perry, the ever-busy guitarist with Aerosmith likes to hunt deer right here in New Hampshire. It’s kind of a big deal when deer season rolls around in rural states like New Hampshire. Lot’s of people look forward to it all year and spend a lot of time in the woods stalking the critters.

Some people just enjoy getting out into the woods. I know people who “hunt” every year but who have never actually taken a deer. They use hunting as an excuse to get away with the boys for a few days and walk around in the woods deer to enjoy the experience.

Although the backlash from groups like PETA had to have been anticipated by Perry, he decided to go public about hunting and his passion for gun collecting. I do not hunt myself, but I don’t condemn those that do. From my perspective it appears to be a very natural thing to do, and yes, I’m prepared to explain that.

For millions of years on this planet there have been creatures that survive by eating others. From the lion stalking the zebra in Africa to the Gray Whale that eats shrimp, squid and octopus in the world’s oceans, it’s quite obvious that without predation, our whole eco-system would break down and it would be the end of all of us.

That’s a subject I have always wanted to ask PETA about. What will you do about all the animals that are out there eating other animals every single day? And let’s face it, a deer in the woods in New Hampshire being torn apart by a group of hungry coyotes is suffering through a much more painful and lingering way to meet one’s maker than a well-placed rifle bullet to the heart.

I don’t hunt because the idea of shooting animals simply does not appeal to me. I enjoy the outdoors a great deal and I live in a setting that makes that very easy for me to do. At the same time, I don’t wish to deny those that have a love for hunting their opportunity to go out and harvest animals who would probably otherwise end up dying in a much more painful and drawn-out fashion.

By the way, the accompanying photograph was taken right outside my back door. I chose a camera instead of a rifle and chose to simply observe the deer rather than eat it. However, if circumstances demanded it, I would not hesitate to do so if the life of myself or my family’s life depended on it.

I suspect those that think Joe Perry is some kind of monster are in the (very) vocal minority. I can see their point to a degree, and even most hunters probably don’t want their prey to suffer unnecessarily. However, the reality of it is that creatures eating other creatures is the way this planet works, and that’s simply a fact that PETA and everyone else must accept.

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  1. Rachel September 3, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    Not only is eating meat natural, but what are you going to eat otherwise? Plants, which are also living creatures. Either you eat something that was once alive, or you die.

    And PETA is a despicable organization. After Tim McLean (the young man in Canada who was murdered on a bus) was killed, PETA ran an ad comparing meat-eating with the butchery of that poor young man. And more recently, they ran a billboard ad mocking overweight people. Going after Joe Perry is small potatoes compared to some of the crap they’ve pulled.

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