“Professor” Peart At The Keyboard Again

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image In another one of his lengthy updates posted to his official web site, Rush drummer Neil Peart brings fans up-to-date on his recent journeys through Europe during the group’s final leg of their Snakes & Arrows tour which recently wrapped up and allowed the trio to return home.

Personally, I always rush (no pun intended!) to his web site the minute I learn that a new update has been posted. Not so much because he’s Neil Peart of Rush but more because I just enjoy the man’s writing.

He makes no secret of his love for the European continent and especially the fine food that is so readily available there. Who can blame him?

By the time I am done reading his most recent update I am always left with a desire to pay a visit to whatever location he has featured. Now I suppose I’ll have to find out which particular time of year is the most favored for visiting Europe.

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