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Robert Plant sat down for a brief chat with the U.K. morning show “This Morning” recently, and although no real news came of it, fans might like a chance to hear what the legendary Led Zeppelin frontman has to say.

As good television hosts are expected to do, those on the couch opposite Plant did their best to get him to answer the big question regarding the possibility of another show at some point in the future. Although the word “tour” was never mentioned, you know that’s what everyone wanted to hear.

Staying true to his recent statements, Plant wouldn’t say yes and wouldn’t say no, and eluded to his plans to tour with Alison Krauss this year and joked about Krauss poking him from across the Atlantic with a violin bow in an effort to keep him in line.

What Plant did say, however, is that he would not consider the effort worth it to perform again unless it could generate the same kind of electricity that was present at the O2 show in December. I’m sure there are a lot of fans who would feel quite electrified about the possibility of a Led Zeppelin tour but there may not be much hope for one unless Robert Plant feels the same way.

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