Robert Plant Won’t Tour But Says He Is Still Friends With Old Band Mates

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Each statement that we hear from Robert Plant seems to diminish the chances that he will ever tour with his old Led Zeppelin band mates again. Recently, Plant was quoted as saying that all the speculation about the group’s future is “frustrating and ridiculous.”

In a recent chat with the BBC, Plant says there is no truth to the rumors regarding a rift between him and his old band mates. “I still see Jimmy quite a lot and he’s very complimentary and supportive of what I’m doing,” he said.

Although it is easy to understand how fans could become excited about the possibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion — or Robert Plant as some fans might want to point out, an “almost” Led Zeppelin reunion considering that the late John Bonham’s son Jason is filling in for him on drums – when rumors about bad blood between himself and the rest of the group start surfacing, it is easy to understand his frustration.

Assuming Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are reasonable guys, there is no reason for them to be upset with Plant just because he does not want to attempt to relive the Led Zeppelin years. Apparently, he is quite satisfied with the more low-key work he has been doing with Alison Krauss and may just be feeling a bit too over-the-hill to be on stage belting out “Whole Lotta Love” over and over again.

It’s hard to speculate about how the remaining group members will be received if they do decide to take their act on the road with a replacement for Plant. The last word on that possibility indicates that they are planning to do just that, but it still appears to be up in the air where their choice of replacement frontman is concerned.

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  1. TERRY KOZAK December 27, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    Sorry to hear about the ice storm in the eastern United States. It makes living in Windsor, Ontario, look like California.
    Having been fortunate enough to have seen Led Zeppelin in Detroit in the 1970s, as well as seeing the two Plant-Page tours and a host of Plant solo tours, it is evident that there comes a time to let the past be just that, the past. Having recently seen live material on dvd from the 1970s, Led Zeppelin was the very best, beyond a doubt. They had their day.
    With or without Robert Plant, one thing that cannot be resurrected is the magic that Zeppelin displayed at their peak. Alas, it wasn’t that the band died when John Bonham ceased to exist, due to the drug consumption and the paranoia that went with their arrogance, they had passed their peak. How do you top being the very best in the world? Their later material might have changed in style but it wasn’t as great. Musical tastes, and the world itself, were changing.
    And so, much as the 1970s entered with the demise of the 1960s kings, the Beatles, we began with the 1980s with the end of the Led Zeppelin era. Cherish it for what it is, but be honest with yourselves, any kind of reunion tour could never touch the magic that the original band brought to the stage. Also, as time passes, the talent simply diminishes. Magic has its time and with Leppelin, unfortunately, it has passed

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