Rolling Stones Consider Touring Without Ronnie Wood

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Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood surely has his share of troubles these days. An alleged affair with a Russian teen and a steep fall off the wagon and into rehab have likely turned the the Stones legend’s life upside-down. There are also reports that his marriage may be on the rocks and that he is making every attempt to salvage it.

Ronnie Wood With Wood apparently quite occupied with other matters, the rest of the group has a tour on their minds and they may decide to give it a go with or without the presence of Ronnie Wood.

The driving force behind the idea of a tour regardless of Wood’s presence seems to be Mick Jagger, who is said to want to embark on at least one more tour before he turns 65 years old. Keith Richards is also approaching that number, which is a number that is often indicative of retirement.

Wood’s band mates are said to be quite surprised at the turn of events that has led to problems with his marriage, which was well known for being very stable. Adding his problems with alcohol to the equation sets a formidable challenge in front of Wood if he hopes to join the rest of the group on a tour in the near future.

The U.K. tabloids continue to have a field day with the Wood story, and, according to the manager of the drinking establishment where Wood reportedly met the young Ekaterina Ivanova, the Russian beauty never worked there as it was reported, and Ronnie Wood has never been inside the place.

Ekaterina’s mother is said to be quite upset about the whole incident, particularly things being said about her daughter that she says are lies.

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